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    About us

    Quzhou Shuntian Calcium Industry Co ., Ltd. is located in the hometown of calcium carbonate in China----- Shangfang Town Industrial Functional Zone of Qujiang District in Quzhou City of Zhejiang Province. Founded in 2012, Shuntian is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of calcium hydroxide, environment-friendly special calcium, metallurgical lime (calcium oxide) and functional calcium products. As a large-scale industrial enterprise in Qujiang District, our company has won 2 special awards of district-leader of Qujiang District, and we are a million-tax-paying enterprise in Shangfang Town, a three-level enterprise of safety production standardization and a demonstration enterprise for the improvement and transformation and upgrading of the calcium industry in Shangfang Town. For a long time, our company has paid attention to strengthening cooperation with scientific research units and colleges and universities, and jointly established a fine calcium product research and development center with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University to develop and apply a number of production technology patents. Relying on the abundant and high-quality local ore resources, as well as advanced & professional equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, our company internally implements the standards of ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO14001:2015 environmental management system; we also implements strict quality management of the whole process from raw materials entering the factory to production process monitoring and product delivery. We are committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise in the calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide industry.


    In order to make more progress, strengthen and optimize our enterprise, and achieve the goal of lower energy consumption, better environment and better quality. In 2019, our company was listed as a key technological transformation item of the district government, and invested CNY 70 million yuan to further transform and improve the production process, and this project was proposed by the expert group of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and China Lime Association, and commissioned by Angang Group Design Institute to design. After the completion of this project, we can increse 100,000 tons of high specific surface area of calcium hydroxide and high active calcium oxide. The output value can reach CNY 100 million, the output tax per 667sqm reaches CNY 300,000, and the energy consumption of project after the transformation has dropped from 12704.02 tons of standard coal to 9815.44 tons of standard coal, and the actual reduction can be 2888.58 tons of standard coal. The energy consumption of CNY 10,000 of industrial added value decreased by 54.78%. The environment is further optimized, and the process of this project adopts automatic and intelligent control production. All discharge outlets are equipped with dust removal facilities to ensure that the dust concentration discharge of desulfurization and denitrification, waste gas and wastewater reaches or exceeds the national standard. We will become a garden-style factory with safer production and more elegant environment.

    Our enterprise planning goals are: First, after technological transformation and upgrading, the output value will reach more than CNY 100 million, the profit and tax will reach more than CNY 20 million, the average output value will be CNY 1.5 million, and the output tax per 667sqm will reach CNY 400,000. Second, the product grade is constantly improved, and new products are constantly developed. On the basis of the production of high-end high-purity calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide, our company cooperates with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and China Lime Association to develop and produce high specific surface area calcium hydroxide and high active calcium oxide products. With the further improvement of environmental protection requirements, the emission standards will be more stringent. In order to ensure that the emission index in the field of environmental protection is better, higher requirements are also put forward for calcium hydroxide, and then calcium hydroxide with high specific surface areais produced for that reason. At present, the high specific surface area calcium hydroxide produced by our company has high porous activity, good dispersion performance, high utilization rate, ultra-high absorption rate to sulfur and acid and a large reduction in harmful fly ash. During the epidemic in 2020, the high specific surface area calcium hydroxide produced by our company played an active role in the field of waste incineration flue gas treatment, especially the incineration treatment of medical waste. The main leaders of the Municipal Construction Bureau and the Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau directly under the Ningbo Municipal Government docked with our company to ensure the guaranteed supply of environmentally friendly treatment products during the Spring Festival epidemic. Our company worked overtime to ensure the treatment and consumption of three waste incineration plants in Ningbo, and was also praised by the Ningbo government department. Third, we improve the added value of products and extend the industrial chain, and cooperate with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University to research and develop reflective thermal insulation functional architectural coatings, multi-functional putty powder decorative materials and gypsum-based self-leveling alternative cement and other products. The extension of the industrial chain has also greatly increased the added value of products, and the coverage of the market has gradually been extended to other provinces, and we will strive to be a benchmark enterprise in the industry.

    At present, our company has about 45 employees, including 5 production and testing personnel responsible for 24-hour production testing; there is a set of testing equipment, the test results are transmitted to the production post in real time, and the production line is adjusted in time according to the test results; there are 23 staffs for production line and 12 staffs for computer control, and the rest staffs are auxiliary personnel. Our company has about 2,010 square meters of production plant, a 1,700 square meters of warehouse, a production line with annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide, and this production line can produce 10 tons of calcium hydroxide per hour; there is a mechanical shaft kiln with a daily production capacity of 220 tons, and the shaft kiln adopts fully mechanized semi-dynamic control. Our company implements and establish a system of clean production, and our factory area implements reasonable storage of raw materials and energy to avoid the use of toxic and harmful raw materials, and reduce the number and harm of emissions. Our clean production strategies implementing on products mainly focus on reducing the impact of the entire life cycle of the product (from the extraction of raw materials to final disposal). This clean production not only emphasizes environmental protection, but also emphasizes the optimal utilization of resources and energy. So as we can achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and the rational use of resources. In the process of production, use, recycling and reuse of products, we aim to economically save resources and energy, reduce or eliminate environmental pollution, and provide good labor protection for workers, and then truly achieve sustainable development of resources, environment and economy. At present, our company has long-term cooperation with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and established a research and development base to strengthen the construction of infrastructure and the research of key technologies.

    Since establishment, our company has always adhered to the policy of "high-quality products are the foundation of enterprise's survival. and perfect service is the guarantee of enterprise development", and provides customers with high-quality products and services in the spirit of "sincere unity, dedication and contribution". Recently, our products have been well received by customers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers and industry experts at home and abroad and business, and welcome domestic and foreign customers to carry out joint ventures and cooperation with our company, and use the rich local resources to expand the scale of our enterprise to serve the market and create a brilliant future together.

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